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The Owl’s First Flight

Back in 1999, as I found out about Microsoft GIF Animator, I decided to experience making an animation for the first time. I chose the figure of an owl. I really like owls and I supposed their expressive moves and ever-watching habits could be easy to animate. As an experiment, it couldn’t be too long, though. I couldn’t tell a long story since frames ought to be created one at a time using a rough painter tool. Here’s the result:

"O Primeiro Voo"


Despite its simplicity, I really felt like a had made my very own Legend of the Guardians. The little owl looked lonely, fearful and hesitating just as I had in mind. But it wasn’t a story. It was rather a movement test, a character-centered animation, and the owl didn’t fly for real. So I decided to keep on with the animation experience and made this:

"O Segundo Voo"


The Second Flight was a chance to work on transparency effects, which demanded some patience at the time, as well as to set up the owl as a very unlucky little thing. And she remained unlucky for the three other attempts (made within 1999 – 2000):

"O Terceiro Voo"


"O Quarto Voo"


"O Quinto Voo" ou "o Sonho Se Realiza"


And the owl finally flies at the fifth try.


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  1. Quando sai o longa metragem?

    Comment by Valdair Grotto | February 25, 2012 | Reply

    • Depois que eu processar Zach Snyder… Rs

      Comment by gersonrossi | February 25, 2012 | Reply

  2. […] tanto da brincadeira que a repeti 5 vezes, criando 5 pequenas animações em sequência (que se podem ver aqui). Como amostra, a segunda delas está logo aqui, à […]

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