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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

DSCN3942One of my favorite destinations on my last vacation trip is Colonia del Sacramento, in Uruguay.

It’s a quiet small town at the rivershore (despite it looks more like the seashore) where you can hear the waves crash, bird sing and feel the constant fresh breeze. It’s the perfect destination for those who enjoy being close to nature but won’t give up sightseeing in historical areas.











Getting to Colonia from Buenos Aires is easy: you just have to take a ferry service called Buquebus, located at the north end of Puerto Madero. There are several ferry trips daily and prices vary according to the length of the trip. Fast boat trips take 1 hour from Buenos Aires to Colonia. Slow trips take 3 hours but have lower cost. Vehicles are allowed aboard.

Some tips:

While you are there, walk instead of renting electric  carts. There’s a lot more fun in exploring the town on foot, especially if you’re interested in getting relaxed.

At the lighthouse, you’re are allowed to go up the stairs for a low cost entrance fee and enjoy the view. Once you get to the top, make sure you hold your belongings safe. The wind is usually so intense up there that it may blow hats, purses, small bags and cameras away.


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