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Jimmy Five, Smudge, Maggy and all other characters in Maurício de Sousa’s Monica’s Gang speak English!

Comic strips are a type of narrative text designed to entertain their reader. Apart from novels and short stories, this kind of narrative lays not only on language to tell the story, but also on visual resources. Such theoretical definition shows that, besides being fun, comics may be helpful exploring text genres.

Web address www.monica.com.br/ingles/index.htm offers a variety of comic strips and other stuff in English related to Brazil’s favorite comic characters so it is a great source of appealing lesson material containing:


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the various literature works Monica's Gang stories are clearly inspired on.


When students are invited to distinguish narrative, description and essay, the gang may offer them a complementary chance to figure out each aspect of each text genre. This one, for example, is a descriptive informative text.


Whereas this one is a narrative entertainment text.

Issues of social interest

Sousa's strips provides not only linguistic material to work on. Social issues and situations of educational interest like bullying are commonly portrayed.

Teachers say another reason why Sousa’s stories might make appropriate teaching material is that, besides motivating pupils to learn, they’re also part of their knowledge background and portray the very culture students are in.

Click here to visit the English speaking Monica's Gang.


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