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Front desk. How can I help you?

“Gather together as groups of 3 – 5 people. Think of a hotel / event situation in which clerks have to serve either customers or guests. Write a script, rehearse, and perform it.”

These are the general instructions students of English for Specific Purposes at IFSP in Avaré, SP, Brazil received to practice oral English based on input they had been exposed to.

And here are some of the results:

At Torres Hotel, guest Luciana calls the front office to order room service. Eduardo answers it at first, but he doesn’t seem to be very patient – he’s probably the hotel owner – and switches it to a clerk, Julio.


In the second situation, a couple (Caio as Brian and Thaís as Rachel) is checking in at Diamond Hotel. They’re welcome by Amanda (porter), Roberto (concierge), and receptionist Alberto who tries to satisfy all their requests. First impressions are good and they seem to stay on vacations or honeymoon.


In another hotel, Mayla is leaving the town so she has to check out with front desk clerk Rita Gabriela. It seems that her stay wasn’t so expensive.


Mary and Eliane decided to stay at Plaza Hotel and they were welcome by receptionist Douglas. As they are both business women, staying in a hotel with wireless internet connection was fundamental.


Congratulations all students from EVE1 and EVE3, the ones acting in the video, the ones behind the scenes handling cameras, writing scripts and getting other things ready for the shooting, the ones who worked on it but decided not to publish their video… you’ve done a good job in this experimental activity, especially considering it’s been only two months learning! Congratulations once again!

[More videos coming up]


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